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JohnMitchell  (D 6462)

Sep 3, 2012, 6:12 PM

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Re: [DSE] GoPro shuts off on jumprun

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If it is consistently doing this, I'd start with the card; it might not have been seated correctly. I've seen this only once, but it sounds like a similar issue. Be sure the contacts are all clean on the card.

Next, check the buttons/housing as others have mentioned. It could be a button got stuck/is sticking.

Try for the "one button" mode as well. Turn on camera, it's recording. No messing with on/then record.

Sounds like you had a gremlin, would be nice to know if he revisits.
Ahhh, Bingo maybe.Cool

My son had taken the card out. When I put it back in, it didn't recognize it. I reseated it and it appeared to work normally . . . some of the time.

Thanks, Doug, I'll start with that.

For Faulk, I'm using a SanDisk card that had been working great. Thanks for the input. Smile

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