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Sep 1, 2012, 11:17 PM

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Re: [daytripper419] Tandem Ground Training on video?

Bad idea.

I'm certain you don't give exactly the same briefing to every student in exactly the same way each time. You probably vary how you deliver sections of the briefing and lengths of time for each based upon how you perceive the student is taking it in...
Are they glazing over for the exit bit? You'll repeat it to make sure they have it, or you'll change your tone to emphasise certain points you want them to get.

Sometimes people just need things explaining in a different way to get it...

All of the above aside - imagine you were a whuffo turning up for your first skydive. You've been excited about it for days and posting about it on facebook. You arrive at the DZ and are told 'read this waiver and sign it, then watch this video...' I'd feel a bit cheated out of my big day - wouldn't you?

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