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Aug 31, 2012, 8:16 PM

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Re: [oozzee] Tandem double mal

*Disclaimer - I'm not a tandem instructor and know zero about tandems...

If I started to get linetwists on my sport canopy I would have both hands on the risers at least trying to do something about it - either pulling the risers closer together at the bottom, or spreading them at the top to try and mitigate the extent of the twists.

Filming the deployment with a handcam seems to prevent any action being taken other than to sit there and watch it spin up as one hand is busy...

Is it impossible to do anything about tandem linetwists as they're forming?

Other than that - could you describe the mal on the reserve? It looked kinda like the slider got hung up on something?

Still - jumped. Landed. Good job! WinkLaugh

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