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Aug 28, 2012, 9:39 PM

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The Piglets did not have “stabilizers”, they were canopy extensions. Each panel was wider than the gore and would catch air on deployment and slow the opening down.
I have around 500/600 jumps on Piglets, most on the 23 foot “Big man” version. I also did the live jumps when Hank TSO’d his 26 foot R-4 reserve.


I worked for Hank at Para Innovators in the summer of '75. I may be mis-remembering this, but I think he called the extensions as stabilizer panels. They certainly looked similar to those on Paracommanders but, yes, their function was to slow down deployment. A similar system was used on the Piglet-2 reserve, but the panels were separated rather than being contiguous. This was also found on a military emergency parachute, but I don't know the details.

Some of you may recall the James Bond movie where Bond skied off a cliff and opened a parachute. It was a Piglet-2 done up with a Union Jack pattern.

The very same summer I worked for Hank, I took possesion of a Piglet-2. I jumped it until I got a 5-cell Parafoil. It never failed me nor bit me. It was a great canopy in its day. Were I ever to be on a zillion-way formation attempt (lol), I'd be willing to use it again, provided the landing area was big enough.

Ralph Johnson

Hey Ralph,

1975 was before my time…..first jump in 1976.

But you right about the Bond film, it was a Piglet with the extensions/stabilizers removed. If was filmed at Baffin Island. Hank sent Buckley to work the job and Jim said he went nuts up there for 2 weeks.


P.S. I will be seeing Hank on Friday...I'll say hi.

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