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NATiON  (C License)

Aug 28, 2012, 5:18 PM

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Scammer on Classifieds

HI Guys, I didnt know where else to post this, and i reported him as a scammer but nothings been done. i just dont wanna see anyone get ripped off..

ID: 131915 | Michael Weber (atthew)

Check this guy out and his other ads. they all have different names/locations. looks like he has changed his id or name a couple of times??

he even posts that he wants to buy gear and only wants it rigger inspected. But when i asked him to do the same he refused.
I asked him where his home DZ was and for references and he did not reply..

heres a copy and paste of the emails.

No Paypal and no rigger third party. Its a bunch of stress.

I will accept half now half later after you inspect the rig.

How about that?

-----Original Message-----
From: James Nation <>
To: Michael Weber <>
Sent: Tue, Aug 28, 2012 12:42 am
Subject: Re: Wings W14, Sabre2 190, PD Reserve

Hey Michael,
He is very interested, we can sort this out.

Firstly. He would like to use PayPal. He can pay the transaction fees so it won't cost you anything. It's just a very safe way to send money for both parties involved.

He would also like some info and to get a rigger involved if possible. As you can understand its a $3000 deal so he just needs some assurance that everything is legit.

What's your home DZ?
Can we get your rigger to "middle man" this deal?

Please let me know and let's get this deal rolling.


On 2012-08-27, at 5:08 PM, "Michael Weber" <> wrote:

Hi James,

Ok I will let your buddy have it.$3000
Shipping to Canada will cost you additional $49
Making $3049

I will accept payment via Moneygram money transfer to the name of my wife: Joann K. Salter

first name: JOANN
middle name: K
Surname: SALTER

Adress: 4033 Silver Lake Terrace, St Anthony, MN 55421

Send the Moneygram and also email me the Moneygram Transfer Confirmation slip.

Things go fast here and I have a couple of people seriously interested,
But I decided to let you have it because my mum is Canadian.

I advise you do it immediately and let me know.

I will give you till the end of tomorrow Tuesday.


Michael Weber

also if you do a goole search for the address of his "wife" you will see..

Jerry Faust - 4-Year Term Ends 1/1/16
4033 Silver Lake Terrace
St. Anthony, MN 55421
Phone: 612-789-7684

here is the webpage for this address...

there is no doubt that this guy "Michael Weber" is a scammer..

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