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Aug 27, 2012, 12:01 PM

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Re: [MikeTJumps] 2012 Election Candidate Statements

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I strongly support all airport access issues. There is a lot of discussion about the proposed Parachute Landing Area issues and the time for putting in viewpoints to the FAA is rapidly approaching its termination. The proposal they have promoted is very restrictive to many existing operations and needs to be adjusted with common sense.

As to funding a Demo Team, I think their impetus is to put a really professional team in the mix for airshows which unfortunately did have quite a few mishaps these past few years with some injuries to both skydivers and spectators. I'm a bit wishy-washy on this but I can see their viewpoint.

Medicals for Tandem Instructors, I think they should be required. Unfortunately, with a past (unfortunate) record and/or multiple DWIs, a person may not be eligible for an FAA medical certificate. Several possibilities were brought to the table but none of them passed muster with the existing BOD members. This is one of those things that the FAA may be involved in as tandem incidents continue to increase.

My hope is to be able to represent the common everyday jumper and rating holder, not the team jumper or the DZ owner. I want to bring some sense to the discussions as I have tried to do these past many years.

The Demo Team as presented was not what you wrote here. As presented it would be no better than the semi pro Teams they wished to compete against. The potential for more harm than good was prevalent.

Chucks Reply is far better than mine.


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