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NWFlyer  (D License)

Aug 27, 2012, 9:21 AM

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Re: [-ftp-] Removing an AAD

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You could do it yourself , but why bother , you will need a rigger to repack it anyway.

Does your rigger charge for this service? He (or she) should. Removing a Vigil or Cypres is something you can do for yourself, and you are asking someone else to do it for you.


Yeah, but what about packing the reserver after?

That's not what the person asked about. It's quite possible they don't want to repack the rig until the AAD comes back from its service.

I've taken my own AAD out to wash my rig. It's really not that difficult, just be careful about it and pull carefully on wires - they'll come out easily so long as you pull in the right direction.

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