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Aug 24, 2012, 7:53 AM

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Re: [EFS4LIFE] For TI's - When a tandem student wont jump.....

I am a new TI, only two seasons fresh, but until last weekend I didn't have anyone balk at the door.

I have had a few customers that I knew were nervous and I worked hard to manage their anxiety all the way from taxi to landing.

This is where not taking naps in the plane pays off. It is hard work moving students around in a 182, I would rather chat, play rock paper scissors, cuddle with scared girls, have them work on breathing with me, than have to swap places with the other tandem pair to get the student in the back out.

This past weekend I have three customers that had very big fear responses once we got to the door. Two I was able to talk them through to jumping, one had to land with the plane after two attempts.

I will not take an unwilling passenger, and while no no no may sound like go go go I don't want the legal liability. I can safely get a student back inside the 182 because only their feet are on the step.

I look at it this way. If you bust a willing passengers ankle on landing they are going to be way more understanding. If you push out an unwilling customer and something goes wrong they may very likely feel maligned and may try to sue you, waiver or no waiver.

Second you are way more likely to have a bad jump forcing out the student. Their feet are on the step and they have all their legs strength to push back against you.'

They can push you up into the door frame. They can slip and bounce you or themselves off the step.

Screw that, grab under their legs and work them back inside. Calm them down, tell them they can do this, work on their breathing.

If they get on the step again and still won't jump it is time to land in the plane.

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