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Aug 23, 2012, 11:55 AM

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Re: [Quagmirian] So I want to swoop...

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Reading through this thread, there seems to be a number of people who think I want to be swooping now. It's all very well telling me to listen to advice, but I'm not going to listen to people who won't even read my posts first, sorry. These are very much the reactions I would have expected in a 'look at me I'm really good at swooping' thread. Telling me I'm going to kill myself if I continue jumping a Triathlon 210 doesn't really make sense either.

Seriously? First off dude, the subject of this thread that YOU created is "So I want to swoop...". Secondly, you ask in the OP for things to occupy for the next 100 or so jumps. Dave gave a FULL and COMPLETE list of things for you to look into and several posters applauded him and thanked him for it (I missed out...thanks Dave, awesome list). You responded to one of those responses by literally flipping everyone the bird and telling us that "experience needed" is bullshit and that advanced manuevers don't require experience.

And you think that Dave, Dave, Fast, & DocPop are the assholes? Take a fucking chillpill and look in the mirror.

Personally, I'm sitting at about 230 jumps right now. I jump a Sabre2 150. I jumped from full altitude for the first time in two months last weekend. Before that I was only doing low passes because I feel it's selfish to try and work on HP manuvers when there's a sky full of people. I've been to two multiple day coaching courses this year alone, the first in March with Greg Windmiller and the second in July with Jessica Edgeington & Flight-1. The course with Greg literally blew my mind. I learned things that I would never have picked up on using trial and error and I bet he literally saved me a hundred jumps of "figuring it out". Jessica watched me for two (TWO) HP landings and gave me pointers which I'm still working on. She told me to bump up my IP by 20' because my canopy was recovering low. It looked fine to me as I was coming in, but I don't have the EXPERIENCE to properly judge it. I tried it her way the next time and I got a better and CLEANER swoop because I was letting my canopy naturally recover.

In my canopy progression, at the moment the turn isn't even my main concern at this point. Trying to nail down a solid pattern and being able to adjust it based upon wind conditions is hard as shit. Adjusting my turn to base due to a crosswind or stretching/shrinking my downwind because of a tailwind/headwind are more difficult than you can imagine because they are something that requires EXPERIENCE to build a proper sight picture. I know my IP and try to hit it religously, but if something doesn't feel right, I abort. I can perform my 90, get a righteous swoop, and feel awesome as soon as I hit the ground, but I instantly start critiquing myself because of the crappy pattern I may have flown.

Listen, you don't know what you don't know, but we've all been in that position. Take the list Dave gave you, and work on it. I'm in construction management and know how important a strong foundation is when building something down the road.

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