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Aug 22, 2012, 1:11 PM

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Re: [Quagmirian] So I want to swoop...

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>Just don't get it in your mind that you can do it quickly, it just plain takes awhile to build the kind of experience you need.


If you'll excuse my French, I really fucking hate that word. It's a word that doesn't really mean anything. It's just a word that's used to patronise newer jumpers in my opinion. Please don't tell me or anyone else that I need more 'experience' or 'x amount of jump numbers' to start swooping. Don't get me wrong, I admire your wisdom and your input.

Edit: Thanks to everybody in this thread for the advice by the way. Smile

Really.... Reaallllyyy....??...?..?

You pick myyyyyy post to act like a jerk. I just don't get it, I mean I essentially came on here defending the fact that up-thread people were being unreasonable in their responses, that you were just a guy who wants to know where to go and what to learn on AND I gave you some helpful things to think about.

Let me say this a little louder... to be GOOD at swooping you NEED LOTS OF FUCKING EXPERIENCE PERIOD. I didn't say you can't start learning till you have lots of experience, I said, don't expect to be very good at it at first, or very quickly, there aren't any shortcuts.

I mean, you're disproving my whole argument that it pays to be nice to people on here and try and help. Shape up. Experience is a word used to describe what those of us have who managed to NOT DIE and not horribly mangle our bodies while having a whole lot of fun. You get that experience by doing.

I generally tell people whatever I want to tell them, they can take it or leave it. That goes in person too if you ask anyone who knows me.

In one sentence you say 'experience' doesn't mean anything, but then you "admire" my wisdom, (which coincidentally, comes from my experience) so which is it.

Really frustrating man.

Go re-read the constructive posts of this thread again, then go make skydives. Get a coach to teach you how to swoop.

As for experienced people trying to "keep everyone else down" I am really getting sick of hearing that. Why on earth would I care how good you are or not. :boggle:

I jump out of planes cause I like the feeling of flying, if you can out swoop me, go right ahead, wtf do I care. I don't even compete.

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