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Aug 21, 2012, 8:50 AM

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Re: [Quagmirian] So I want to swoop...

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I don't like long plane rides, I love getting out low, and I've enjoyed a little bit of accuracy recently too.


I'm looking for things to occupy myself with the 120 jumps before I can even think about high performance canopy flight. Anything I can work on?


tl;dr I need stuff to occupy my next 100 or so jumps

Couple more things to think about. Riding the plane to altitude and doing a hop and pop from there is more flight time for less pack jobs and in most places, it's more efficient flight time to money.

You're going to learn the most about how the parachute works if you have people to fly around with so find a friend that likes doing hop and pops (Wendy mentioned CRW, yeah... that stuff Smile... but it can also just be flying around relative.) That's gonna help you learn a bunch about how the canopy works and you still get to land it.

Swooping, like a few other disciplines doesn't have a method for "cheating" (wind tunnel) your way to advanced skills quickly. You just have to get out there and make the skydives.

I just want to second what Dave said, don't expect to be very good at this till you have another 1000 jumps. For me, swooping was something I have learned along the way as I enjoyed the other aspects of the sport, but that doesn't mean it has to be that way. Just don't get it in your mind that you can do it quickly, it just plain takes awhile to build the kind of experience you need. So if you want to do it, just commit yourself to that up front and have realistic expectations.

It's not about occupying jumps, canopy control starts now. There has already been a great post on stuff to work on, and I second them with saying the idea is being able to safely land wherever you want, anytime, in any conditions with a very high level of consistency.

edit to add: People acting like jerks is what's wrong with the world and it hurts this sport, jumping the gun and assuming everyone is a troll is a really crappy attitude.

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