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Aug 21, 2012, 8:15 AM

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Re: [skamunista] Unknowingly bought a skyride (beloit) daily deal tandem- now what

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Hi all- did my first jump in June and although I'm hoping to go AFF next year I took the chance to do another tandem when a livingsocial coupon for a new DZ in Beloit, Wisconsin came up a few weeks back... Great lakes skydiving. I see there have already been some posts about it here.

Needless to say I wasn't familiar with this skyride fiasco but they are apparently part of it (I had to call georgia to book). To be precise I'm booked for labor day weekend. It is 2 hours away, I'm going with friends and we are supposed to be there at 10am. I'm afraid to even tell them about this because honestly I can't explain exactly what the real problem is with these places.

So, some basic questions:
Does this place even exist?
Anything in particular I should expect? Should we be sure to arrive early and get an early load? Call ahead?
Is safety an issue at these places?

I feel really guilty about this, actually. I'd gladly have done another jump at CSC or Skydive Chicago.

How silly... bargain basement shopping for skydiving. Cool thing to know, if you want to do AFF, beloit isn't gonna help you out, they don't teach skydiving there, they just take tandems for a ride.

I haven't been there personally, but a few people have mulled around the place to see what it's like so I know it exists.

People need to stop giving these guys money CrazyFrown

None the less, go have fun make your skydive then find a "real" dropzone that cares about the sport to learn how to jump!

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