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Divalent  (C 40494)

Aug 19, 2012, 7:21 PM

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Re: [Sky_doggy] Psycho packing & Pilot 188

Yes, I psycho pack my Pilot 188. (Well over a hundred jumps since I started doing it; although I just recently put in a short 6" extender on the D-bag attachment). I like it for two reasons: 1) so much easier to get into the bag, and 2) you can check that lines, slider, and nose are where they should be after you flop the canopy on the ground, then you don't do anything that could mess them up afterwards (just fold gently, and roll it).

Anyway, what do you want to know?

BTW, I'm not sure a Pilot is any different from any other canopy in it's class/size in terms of packing method.

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