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Aug 18, 2012, 8:08 PM

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Re: [Quagmirian] So I want to swoop...

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I don't like long plane rides, I love getting out low, and I've enjoyed a little bit of accuracy recently too. Anyway, I think I've decided I want to be the world's best canopy pilot (not necessarily the coolest swooper), and I'm looking for things to occupy myself with the 120 jumps before I can even think about high performance canopy flight. Anything I can work on?

tl;dr I need stuff to occupy my next 100 or so jumps

There's more to canopy flight than landing fast.

Classic accuracy is its own thing. You could upsize and do that.

Those skills are very useful in a BASE environment where a 5 meter miss means flying into a cliff or trees not landing outside a pea gravel pit. Landing on thedownstream edge of a 10x10' boulder top so you can pull in your pilot chute before it lands in a fast moving river is pretty exciting.

In that sport you can get out really low, as in 100 meters not 1000.

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