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Quagmirian  (B 110392)

Aug 18, 2012, 5:58 PM

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So I want to swoop...

Ok guys, I know you might hate me for posting this, but nevermind. I'm a very recently qualified jumper (I wouldn't even qualify for a USPA A licence), and after trying a few disciplines, I've decided that canopy flight is probably my favourite thing. I've done a bit of formation coached jumps, but I didn't really enjoy them. I can't see myself getting into freeflying either, as it'll be like FS but upside down and more difficult. All my cool peers are banging on about tube exits, hybrids and jumping with some guy called 'Dan BC' (I know, kill me), and I'm not sure if this is what I came into skydiving for. I don't like long plane rides, I love getting out low, and I've enjoyed a little bit of accuracy recently too. Anyway, I think I've decided I want to be the world's best canopy pilot (not necessarily the coolest swooper), and I'm looking for things to occupy myself with the 120 jumps before I can even think about high performance canopy flight. Anything I can work on?

I've got my B licence stuff to sort out, but I should complete that fairly soon. For people familiar with the BPA system, I also need a grade 1 for my C licence, any ideas? As I said before, I was turned off by FS.

As far as equipment goes, I'm on rental kit at the moment, with no rush to downsize. I've jumping 210s for pretty much all my jumps and my favourite was the Triathlon followed by the Spectre.

tl;dr I need stuff to occupy my next 100 or so jumps

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