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Aug 18, 2012, 1:18 PM

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Re: [rss_v] Are manufacturer canopy sizing recommendations quite conservative?

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My only advice is to not get a Sabre 190 or a Sabre 210 - they are notorious for opening HARD. My last jump on my Sabre 190 it opened so hard it broke 9 lines (including tearing off the bottom skin attachment point on a couple) and damaged a couple of cells.
I have my opinions on your wingloading as well, but I will leave that to the folks who know a lot more than I do Smile

ETA I believe both the 190 and the 210 have the double brake lines, and I think I recall a rigger telling me that contributed to the hard openings, but I could be way off - it was a few years ago.

Really? All the reviews on this site talk about 1000ft snivels and super soft openings :/

The Sabre and Sabre2 are both nine cell canopies made by Performance Designs.

Beyond the name and that they have nothing in common.

The Sabre is PD's first zero-P rectangular canopy. It does not snivel unless you've modified it using something like a pocket slider. Many of the complaints you hear come from newer jumpers used to the softer opening designs made later. Some are due to out-of-trim examples that no longer open as they should.

The Sabre 2 is tapered and follows a handful of other non-square ZP designs. It was designed to open slowly like skydivers expect modern canopies to.

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