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Aug 17, 2012, 1:05 PM

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Re: [shibu] Exercises to reduce Shoulder pain

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you probably have an anterior muscular imbalance. Check out the position of the humerus at rest. If it is pulled forward you definitely have an anterior deltoid and/or pectoral major imbalance (tightness that needs stretching).

This tightness will cause impingement and inflammation when working the joint through its ROM.

The humerus does appear to pulled forward at rest. The clavicle's position also appears to be somewhat asymmetrical compared to the left side.

Do you think the rotator cuff stretching / strengthening exercises would work for this as well?

I had both of my shoulders pulled forward a few inches, did a treatment with the Graston technique and walked out with my shoulders closer to normal. They're still a bit forward but normal as far as the general consensus is.

I have home exercises that I do every day and have been seeing the PT at least weekly for about 2-3 months now. Still having some pain but learning ways around pissing it off while I am treating it.

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