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Aug 15, 2012, 12:09 PM

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Re: [obelixtim] Barrel Roll on Trackoff - Skydive Radio Interview

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It's not something I would ever do on a real bigway cause I expect those people to know what they are doing or not be on the jump.

It doesn't matter if its a big way or a two or four way, the same applies. If they are inexperienced, they need to be properly briefed, and carefully watched until they can demonstrate the requisite skills to complete every aspect of the dive safely.

As the experienced organiser, these drills are part of what you should be instilling in them, and they should not be progressing on to anything bigger until they have demonstrated their skills consistently.

Its why it is a good idea to have small groups jumping together on a regular basis, rather than chopping and changing the loads around with new individuals.

Easier to do on a small DZ operation though.....

You're mixing theory with what really happens. I try to avoid skydives like this, but there is only so much you can do and when they are gonna do it with or without, generally it helps to give it some direction.

though likely true for you, how many others will also claim this also?
Yeah who knows, inability judge one's own level of performance and all. Seems pretty rampant right?

Edit to add: To clarify some, I mean, I would say I would find myself in this situation a couple of times a season at most where I am wondering if someone might be above me or not.

Generally on things like speed stars where they funnel and people are everywhere and it's still only 8k. Who knows where everyone is gonna end up on that stuff.

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