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Aug 15, 2012, 9:21 AM

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Re: [pchapman] Barrel Roll on Trackoff - Skydive Radio Interview

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For normal jumps, whether belly or freefly, there is no need for a barrel roll because the dive and trackoff are designed not to require it. This is for normal jumps where you have to be able to trust that everyone else is following the same game plan, and carrying out their responsibilities properly.

But when (for whatever reason) you end up in a shit show and can't trust others with your life, then a barrel roll may help in avoiding a midair, a benefit that may outweigh the loss of tracking distance & altitude.

I kinda agree with this, but it depends on skill level. As a higher experienced person who often is organizing less experienced people, it helps for me. I can't always keep track of everyone during the skydive (in a blind spot while maintaing a formation, leave early for some wierd reason, etc etc), but my overall tracking capabilities generally let me out track everyone. Sometimes I just get that scary feeling that someone is somehow above me, then I roll and check.

My circumstances are different than most though, I lead a lot of tracking dives on my back (and can roll on heading), can track almost as fast on my back, and can roll a wingsuit to backfly on heading. It's just a different skill set I am working from.

It's not something I would ever do on a real bigway cause I expect those people to know what they are doing or not be on the jump. But when jumping with low experience people who I can't be sure will see a wave off, or me below them at pull time if they somehow have managed to keep up with me, I gotta look out for myself.

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