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Aug 15, 2012, 8:23 AM

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Re: [kkeenan] Barrel Roll on Trackoff - Skydive Radio Interview

What kind of jump was it, the one with the collision?

My personal view, after seeing a lot of the previous discussions is this:

For normal jumps, whether belly or freefly, there is no need for a barrel roll because the dive and trackoff are designed not to require it. This is for normal jumps where you have to be able to trust that everyone else is following the same game plan, and carrying out their responsibilities properly.

But when (for whatever reason) you end up in a shit show and can't trust others with your life, then a barrel roll may help in avoiding a midair, a benefit that may outweigh the loss of tracking distance & altitude.

I don't know for sure, but I'd think the barrel roll would typically be done towards the end of the track, so it is not like a small error in heading will make a large difference in final position.

One does end up spending a little less time looking in the normal direction (e.g., down & forward in bellyfly), in order to briefly scan a wider arc (e.g., above).

If you are willing to pull lower than others, that can even mean that no tracking distance is lost. Where others are starting to pull, there's time for a roll, as long as you don't mind going lower. And that's easy these days, given how high people pull.

So: I never barrel roll... except in those few instances where I think the situation is dangerous enough for me to think it safer to do so.

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