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Aug 14, 2012, 7:55 PM

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Re: [rss_v] Has anyone bought a first rig/canopy without testing it?

a PD190 (DOM unknown) in a Vector II

Just a few comments on that equipment - the PD190 is F-111, and unless your exit weight (your body weight + the weight of your gear and clothes, about 25lbs) is under 190, it's not going to be a great choice. F-111 loses performance with use, and when I say 'performance' I mean it's ability to flare before you hit the ground. If it's in brand new shape, you could get away with a 1.1 to 1 loading (an exit weight of 209). If it has anything over 200 jumps, 1 to 1 is going to be the upper limit (an exit weight of 190), and if it's much over 300 or 400 jumps, just take a pass.

The Vector II is not going to be freefly friendly. You won't want to do any freeflying at all with that rig, and even if not, you want to invest in some good risers with Velcro-less toggles. One of the problems with the V II is the velcro riser covers, but even when the velcro is fresh, they're not that great (when the velcro is shot, forget it). Anyway, good risers with secure toggles will help to keep your brakes stowed when your riser cover blows open and your risers get out on the breeze. Without good risers, that wind will literally peel your toggle off your riser, unstow your brake, and leave you with a toggle blowing around 2 feet above your back, right where you deploying canopy is supposed to go (and it gets to deploy with one brake unstowed).

If you do go with the V II, add the cost of some new risers/toggles ($125-$150), and replacement of the riser cover velcro ($25-$35) right off the top. You might also need a new BOC pouch based on the condition, and while you're at it, you could have the rigger install some velcro or a bridle protection flap between the BOC and the bottom flap.

It's just like buying a cheap car, the purchase price might be low, but then you need to replace the bald tires, weak battery, and noisly wheel bearing, and then you still have an old car that just barely gets the job done.

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