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Aug 14, 2012, 7:17 AM

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Re: [chuckakers] Student H&P's

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I think having students perform a practice pull in the first few seconds after exit would give them a lot more confidence when it comes time to do it for real at lower altitudes.

A student can perform a hop n pop style exit and perform a practice touch, and still go on with FS work.

I'm liking this. After graduation, we have them do a few solos to get more comfy, then they go work on the card. You're comment would provide essentially free practice really for the H&P during any/some of those jumps. (Arch, relax, reach, touch - no counting, no pressure, just practice the real thing)

I'd certainly like to see more consistent success on H&Ps and I'll suggest this as something to add to our normal procedures. I shamed I didn't think of it myself, I started SL years ago and it's an obvious carryover that we could have retained into AFF.

(I think the main argument would be something like - 'what? add something else to their overloaded brains? what the hell are you thinking? but maybe not)

FWIW - I don't like counting seconds for an H&P (side note), I teach a calm clear 'then' pull as above.

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