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Aug 10, 2012, 5:44 AM

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Re: [rss_v] Has anyone bought a first rig/canopy without testing it?

To answer the question - yes, I did buy my first rig without testing it BUT, it was a good friend's rig and was a jav/sabre1/PDR (which at the time was about as ubiquitous as you could get) and I'd seen it jumped many times and had tried on the harness on the ground and it fit. No cypress as that wasn't at all uncommon at the time.

My second rig I built piecemeal as I had the knowledge by then and had been in the sport a couple of years.

I got a deal on a new container so that wasn't an issue as it was built to measure. I found a deal on a reserve in the states which was almost new but hey, a PDR with 1 pack job is a PDR right - so long as you know you're not going to get hosed on the sale. I had it shipped to a gear loft I knew and then brought over by a buddy for beer so I was safe from a scam point of view.

The main I found was brand new but second hand and again got shipped via a loft and brought over for beer to prevent a scam. I'd never jumped it but had demo'd the make and hey, a brand new canopy of that make should fly like the demo right? It did thankfully, though there was I guess a small risk of a manufacturing error or fraud from the seller. I got such a good deal on that canopy that I actually sold it for a profit a few months back after having put several hundred jumps on it. Such is the UK gear market vs. the US market (and at the time exchange rate).

The first cypres I bought was again second hand, but aside from the usual safeguards against fraud a cypres is a cypres is a cypres. I had that sent straight to the service centre and then paid - everyone happy. It needed a service anyway and the service centre sent it straight to me once I'd settled their bill.

It can be done. The problem is is needs knowledge which you don't commonly have until you've been in the sport a couple of years at least. Either start educating yourself thoroughly and still have the problem that you don't know what you don't know or you enlist the help of someone who really does know or you take the risk.

Or buy what you can try. There are standard sizing charts for many container companies and getting to know what you are off the rail can help your search. Try on things round the DZ with permission and figure out what your size is - eg you may try on a C19 jav - the C denotes the size of the yoke round your shoulders and the 19 is the length of the laterals. If that fits, then you know you can buy a C19 Jav reasonably sure that it should fit.

Fast - cheap - good: pick two.

There's no getting away from the fact that if you buy without trying you expose yourself to risk. Risk can be mitigated but can come with savings. You might get fucked - I have had friends who have turned up with kit which was immediately grounded or everyone was like "what the fuck - who sold you a sit-suit?? I didn't even know there were any of these old things left?"

Do you feel lucky, punk?

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