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Aug 7, 2012, 11:54 AM

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Re: [airtwardo] Short of Breath

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Yes. Because of the tailgate opening, the air in the cabin is sucked out the back end, creating a low-pressure area in the cabin. So it's the equivalent of being at a high altitude where there's less oxygen. And that leads some people to feel short of breath and to pant like a dog. Most people compensate by absorbing oxygen through their skin, like fish with gills. You might be one of the people who didn't inherit the fish gene, and so you feel it worst than most.

Very few people don't carry the gill gene, natural selection weeded out the mouth breathers long ago.

Might be too much Spandex in the jumpsuit...Laboratory tests show the oxygen doesn't get absorbed through the skin as efficiently when wearing Spandex.

Jumping rear exit aircraft requires cotton fabric jumpsuits or better yet totally naked for those not use to doing it.

I'll keep the spandex thing in mind but I was wearing a student jumpsuit at the time. Maybe I'll jump without a suit if it bother me again this year... if we are lucky enough to get another rear exit plane.

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