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Aug 2, 2012, 12:07 PM

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Rookies Review of the Pulse 170

Hey guys, I had a few people ask me about the Pulse, and i have seen a lot of posts on here asking about it so i figured id give you my review on it.

I am a rookie so i can only give you my opinion based on new guy experience.
I am pretty solid on accuracy and my canopy skills have been good enough to satisfy my instructors so i could downsize. I am in no way setting an example of how to downsize. Most will say i downsized too fast. I can agree with that.

The only reason I did this was because i bought this new rig with the pulse 170 and I wanted to get on it as fast and safely as I could get away with.

Weight at the door 180
Container Wings.
2012 Pulse 170

My jump history.
AFF - 3 Jumps on Manta 288
AFF - 5 jumps on Rascal 266
Solo - 6 Jumps on Pilot 210
Solo - 6 Jumps on Pilot 188
Solo - 3 jumps on PD Pulse 170

First opening was a bit hard. Probably packed it bad.
Canopy Flies pretty fast and turns great. Comparable to the 188 pilot.


Definitely noticed the decent rate is much faster but the glide is very good also.
I set myself up for a long final approach to play it save and i glided farther than expected witch was cool.

Notice a speed increase on landing from the 188. Its about 10-20 % faster.
2 stage flare works good. Lots of flare on the canopy.

Second opening went for a wild 360. probably another bad pack job. Lots of fun on the risers and the canopy can really fly fast when you lean into it.

The canopy Packs up pretty easy because of that new material they use. Its the same as the PD optima reserve.
Pretty slippery but packs down really well.

If you have any questions Feel free to ask, but again, im just a rookie so i can only give you a new guys opinion.


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