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Jul 30, 2012, 7:06 AM

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Re: [bob.dino] Rotating Meeker exits...

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I have to think about being low, on the balls of my feet, and almost facing forward rather than out. This allows me to get my legs out at the same time as my arms/head. The better IC is, the less this will matter. Great ICs can exit from almost anywhere.

Timing: Try to beat the OC off the airplane. You can't, but if you're aiming for that, you'll probably avoid being late Tongue.

I like this a lot. I'm OC, and I have the count. On all the exits, I stay as far foward as possible to give my IC's big child bearing hips room to clear the door (the point can be entirely/mostly inside for most exits and it doesn't seem to hurt at all) I know things are going right when I see my IC clearing the door frame hips first and before or at the same time I'm calling GO

I know on some exits, my IC really is beating me off the plane (barely) - or at least, that's the feel the two of us go for and when it happens, those are fantastic exits.

Also, to assist the IC, the OC has to really try to launch forward into the prop blast and up a little bit. But that forward bit is huge for us. OC is living in prop blast, but the IC isn't - so that launch forward kind of cancels out the effect of us leaving with two different environments. (find and OC with a strong right leg Laugh)

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