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Jul 29, 2012, 5:08 PM

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Re: [likestojump] newb helmet question

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Troll much ?

where does your knowledge of what *most* skydiving schools use for helmets come from ?

lol why would I start an account to troll on this subject? Is it really that hot of an issue? haha

I saw a youtube video of a jump from the school I want to go train at and it looked like the helmets they used were those skateboarding style ones which is how I know, Although they do have a brand new facility and good new gear otherwise and a really nice airplane over there. I guess I couldn't speak for *most* schools.

Regardless the sweat would be an issue even if they did give students higher end ones. I just wanted to run it by a forum, who knows maybe I wouldn't be able to hear the radio since the ears are covered? Doubt that would be an issue though.

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