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Jul 28, 2012, 6:33 AM

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Farmer McNasty – Perris Area Balloon Jump

On a recent balloon jump in Perris, I was the only jumper on the morning. My wife & 5yr old son were in the basket with other PAX which were only women and young girls. Great jump and day out with family.

However upon landing in a flat/clear/open field, the “local idiot” shows up in his truck and begins to berate the pilot and group for landing in his field and demands they lift immediately, the wind was starting to pick up and the next landing area was a works site. The pilot gives up and makes a questionable landing in the adjacent area with a tractor and multiple front-end loaders moving about.

The “Farmer McNasty” was about 5’6” with distinct “little man complex” (third photo attached shows his licence plate). We’ve all run across some wankers, but this guy was level 10. I didn’t wish to cause any repercussions to the balloon company (I’m in my FF suit and can only assume he thinks I work with the company), however after clearly noting that I’m not part of the company and am actually a paying passenger, I begin to argue quite harshly with him. He’s doing the usual “I’ll call the police” to which I reply “Yes, here I’ll call them myself”. Short story; as I go to photo his licence plate, he quickly leaves; gets in truck and pulls away as I’m taking a picture.

If you run across this idiot in the Perris area, remember this story and afford him the kindness he deserves.

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