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Jul 26, 2012, 2:46 PM

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Re: [chuckakers] Accelerated wear on brake lines

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Just curious if anyone else has had this problem.

I have inspected the areas that could be chewing on the lines and have found nothing unusual. One of the packers thought the wear could be from he excess line stow webbing sewn to the back side of the risers. They are made from thin nylon webbing (like trim tape) that tends to have a "sharper" edge than fatter webbing. The theory was that the edges of the line keepers could be causing a lot of friction on that part of the lines as I release the brakes.

Anyone else experience this wear? If so, how did you fix it?

His theory is right. I see this from time to time. I don't think that has something to do with the thickness of the tape. More likely the cause is the hot knifed edge. You've got 2 options.

#1, get rid of the tape and sew some elastic there
#2, sew the tape with the hot knifed edge outside, so the line is not going to have contact with the hot knifed edge.

I guess there are many ways to fix this, but for me those 2 are the fastest.

Just for the record....I've seen reserve risers worn out by a melted thread .

Good luck fixing those line keepers

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