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Jul 25, 2012, 11:40 AM

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Re: [mjosparky] Whats missing?

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I think Douglas may be referring to this.

AC 105-2D


h. Extra Equipment. The FAA does not consider the attachment of an instrument panel, knife sheath, or other material to the exterior of the parachute assembly an alteration. If attaching any extra equipment, take care not to impair the functional design of the system.

While it may not technically be a violation of a TSO the FAA will take a dim view of the practice. Plus it is just plain stupid to put yourself in that position.

Does anyone know the reason behind putting your handles inside of the suit?


The suit was designed for BASE, not for skydiving. No need for handles on a BASE rig.

It's pretty stupid to do but there's always 'that guy'.

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