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Jul 25, 2012, 8:44 AM

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Can someone explain this to me? Ed Scott's message in Parachutist

To quote Ed Scott - USPA Executive Director

For all of 2011, USPA received only 28 reports of non-fatal accidents and incidents (letís label them all ďincidentsĒ). Thatís right: Out of some 33,000 skydivers making 3 million jumps in the U.S., USPA received only 28 reports of problems. There were no reports about incidents or injuries from the half million tandem jumps last year. And only three reports were submitted from among 60,000 student jumps last year despite AAD activations, equipment problems, blown exits, two canopies out, off-field landings and a range of injuries. Thatís a lot of lessons and experiences withheld from instructors and skydivers alike.

That is in stark contrast to the Australian Parachute Federation, whose membership and annual jump numbers are less than one-tenth of USPAís, and yet APF received 651 incident reports last year. Take a look at the excerpt from the bimonthly APF News-Sheet (available at or by scanning the QR code to the right) that provides details of 64 incidents. In this selection of incident reports, the publication details 34 tandem incidents, 14 student incidents, five incidents involving licensed skydivers and 11 rigging reports. I guarantee you will learn something.

Frankly I think it is a a disgrace US DZ's are allowed to NOT report actual incidents which involve injury.

Are S&TA's not meeting their responsibility to submit reports or should they resign their USPA appointments as S&TA's as the Executive Director of USPA suggests?

Can any skydiver argue with the premise that incident reports help improve safety or that more reports would make safer skydivers of us all? Unfiled reports only ensure that no one has the opportunity to learn from the experience or misfortune of others. USPA Coaches, Instructors and Examiners especially know the value of lifelong learning in our unforgiving sport, and yet we are all failing to provide one of the best sources of skydiving education.

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