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Jul 23, 2012, 4:41 PM

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Re: [virgin-burner] are reserve toggles sewn to the risers?

The original ram air reserves, Safety Flyer, Safety Star and Swift had toggles made with tubular nylon with a 'set' grommet sewn to it for a ring. There was no velcro on the toggle, no toggle hood. Also the original guide rings were 1". After the brakes were set the toggle was tacked with safety thread because there was NOTHING else to hold it in place. i have lots of these toggles floating around the shop.

This practice continued to standardized guide ring placement, smaller guide rings, and modern type toggles. Rigging Innovations used to punch the nose of the toggle with a harness needle so it was easier to put a small needle with the safety thread through the toggle. On other rigs I would simply catch the edge of one layer of the nose.

Some older riggers still do this. While you would notice the rigger doing it you will NOT feel it when releasing your reserve brakes.

Page 16 of the manual here.

page "65" of this manual for RI

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