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LiborJanicek  (A 28574)

Jul 19, 2012, 5:37 PM

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Re: [uberchris] PRESSURIZED tracking suit

My Intrudair tracking suit came in today. Originally I was looking at the Tube 3 and then I heard PF was coming out with a new one. So I emailed PF, they told me that their suit is coming out soon and it's not for novice flyers. Then I got turned on to Intrudair by a fellow DZ member, and you can't beat the price. Tube 3 run 530, PF's current price is 415 but don't know if price will remain the same for their new suit, and an Intrudair is 345 with shipping/tax. I've been told that the booties take a little bit to getting used to.

I've got 132 jumps now, 115 of them were done between the years of 1995 - 1999. Got re-current this April and been jumping as much as I can. I'm really looking forward to flying the tracking suit and I'll post video as soon as I jump it.

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