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Jul 19, 2012, 12:49 AM

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Re: [dirtbox] AFF Helmet Radio - Ghetto rigged

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I do see your point but let's be real, taping a radio to the helmet for a day so a student can make a jump (as opposed to ground all students) isn't the most wreckless decision ever made... so which is the bigger hazard - a radio taped to the left side of the helmet or a student with no radio?
Well, call me a safety nut and I'll be happy with that.

There is a third option:
- think in terms of the student jumping some time when all is well. It's not mandatory to put a student in the air and sometimes keeping them on the ground is the best option.

Do some DZs mount radios to the outside of student helmets? Yes. Is it the best option? No...not by a long shot, IMO.

IMHO, radios inside the jumpsuit with small headphones into the helmet is a good option.

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