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Jul 18, 2012, 8:43 PM

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Re: [pj_jumper] Unnecessary cutaway. Very Dangerous and stupid

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people should watch this video i have dug up as an example of what NOT to do. i would like to think this jumper was joking with his description of this video but it is apparent he is not. jumpers like this obviously snuck through the system with very little or incorrect canopy training. his actions and analysis of his own actions took me aback. see for yourself

He caused the knot himself, the excess wrapped around the toggle and knotted up, not the first time that's happened.

Furthermore, at that point it may well have become a necessary cutaway... I for one have no intentions of criticizing someones decision to go to their reserve. (other than just bullshitting with them/joking)

He caused the mal, sure... he blamed it on the packer (which is no excuse, you really should set/stow your excess and cock your PC before you plop it down and walk away) but maybe he didn't realize what he did caused it and not the packer.

Yes, people exist out there with thousands and thousands of jumps that cannot properly hook up a canopy to the risers/dbag/pc. The great part is it keeps riggers like me with some income (either by fixing their screw up or by repacking their reserves!)Tongue

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