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DougH  (D License)

Jul 18, 2012, 3:13 PM

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Re: [airbigdaddy] Tandem Student shooting hand-cam ???

You instruct regular students to hold the harness on exit in a safety position, arch, and fly a box man of sorts when taped on the shoulders. You tell them chin up, head back, eyes on the horizon, arch from the hips.

Some do a great job, some do a so so job, and some are so wonked out of their gords that they do a terrible job.

If you were to put the camera on the students hand you would instruct them exactly the same way, and the would perform almost identically to the control group of students above.

The biggest difference is that tandem instructor isn't multitasking between shooting the exit and flying the exit out the door, they aren't having to take the camera out of frame to do a full handle check that includes reserve handle and RSL.

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