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Jalien  (A License)

Jul 18, 2012, 4:14 AM

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Re: [rss_v] UK - who pays for training after an A licence?

It varies between dropzones, and between people, and depending on the weather...

Most DZs will do packing courses, which have a fee (30-50), and I think you can expect to get a day of focused tuition and progress towards your packing cert for this. Otherwise, you can try to collar an experienced packer on a quietish day and ask them to show you how to pack; they may well be too busy packing though!

Regarding briefs for CH2, JM1 etc, I think that most DZ instructors actively want people to progress, they are just pretty busy quite often - if you can find a small group of people that need the same brief, then it will make sense for them to give the brief to everyone all at once. Again, quieter days are better I imagine. Also, some DZs do progression weekends, where the focus is on getting the briefs necessary for certain licences.

I've just started working through my CH2 stuff, and my impression is that you just have to put yourself forward and ask for stuff - it's a bit different from student status in that the impetus is on you to seek out progression, rather than being told what to do next. However it's probably not a good idea to pester the instructors constantly when they're busy chasing around with 100 tandems etc!

As I say, I've only just started on this road too, so others may have a different perspective Smile

[edit to add: I don't think there are many formal fees involved for things like ground briefs, as the instructors are generally at the DZ "on duty" and being paid for being there, but I could be wrong!]

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