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gregpso  (Student)

Jul 17, 2012, 11:33 PM

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Apology to Lousie and Don Naggas Continued

Message I got from Bill Booth (since my skydive career was trashed at Naggas) by my support for skyhooks (among other things and stupidity on my part) thought it was worth sharing with you



I'm amazed that this attitude exists in Australia, although the same thing happened when I introduced the hand deployed pilot chute and the 3 ring release. The Skyhook has been out for ten years, and is installed on over 15,000 rigs (Vector,Javelin, and Icon). In that time millions of jumps have been made on skyhook equipped rigs. Right now, over 80% of our customers order Skyhooks. It is required on all student and tandem rigs. Every gear manufacturer in the world is already using the Skyhook or desperately trying to come up with something like it. The people who dislike the Skyhook are probably still jumping single sided RSL's, which have killed lots of jumpers. Please read the comment pages on our website to see how many people believe the Skyhook has saved their life.

My GM, Mark Procos will be traveling to Australia later this year to try and figure out where this attitude came from. In the meantime, thanks for asking the right questions. You will get the last laugh.

Bill Booth

Re me getting the last laugh I doubt it I should have kept my mouth shut but there you have it.

Cheers Greg W

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