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Jul 13, 2012, 11:55 AM

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Re: [jackwallace] Acetabulum (Left hip joint) fracture

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Have you had a bone scan to see what shape they're in?
If you've got 28 jumps and haven't reinjured it good. But have you thought of a terminal reserve opening because of a total? How about an off airport landing or on a concrete runway?

I did my checkups up until 3 years. Everything with the X-ray's looked awesome.

I haven't hurt at all since my recovery overall other than what I described. I have been meaning to have a checkup, but really didn't have a reason to warrant a doctor visit/x-ray bill. With this in light, I think I'm going to consider it MUCH more.

Like I said, what I'm feeling isn't abnormal. I seldom have pain that can be associated with some type of physical activity

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