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shah269  (A 59581)

Jul 9, 2012, 10:09 AM

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Re: [DaVinciflies] Rear riser landings?

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Why are you using rears at this point in your pattern?

A better option would be to do your flat turns using toggles. This should be your default "save your arse" flat turn (with the exception of just post deployment) and the more you practice it the more likely you will, actually, be able to save your arse.
You have fronts, rears and toggles.
Why not practice using all three up high and down low.

The rears have helped me extend portions of my landing pattern if i was going to be short. The fronts to give me more speed or to shorten a portion and the toggles to make flat turns when needed.

You have all these controll imputs why not learn how to use them?

***I always keep my toggles in my hands. I'm not nutty you know.

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