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Jul 9, 2012, 9:24 AM

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Re: [shah269] Rear riser landings?

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I'm sorry but our S&T left the other day for a better paying gig. And sadly i forgot to ask him before he left.

How should a N00B practice rear riser landings? And are they safe?

A NOOB, especially one that doesn't jump with any frequency, should prioritize the skills that they work on.

In my opinion rear riser landings are really low on the canopy skill priority list. They are also just like skydiving everything else in skydiving, dangerous if done incorrectly. With practice you can have safe rear riser landings, but with the incorrect procedures you can also rear riser stall your canopy smash into the ground.

Now by all means you should play up high with your rears, they are a great tool for altering your canopy's glide, but there is no real reason to be landing with them.

Some might argue that rear riser landings practice would be helpful if you have a stuck toggle, etc. At your currency I say that logic is BS, if you don't have functioning toggles on your main, you should be giving some serious thought into cutting away and going to your reserve. The less you jump the less you should be complicating things, KISS.

You are much better off spending your few jumps practicing flat turns, working on a clean landing pattern, working on accuracy, and working on braked approaches.

Get a briefing on doing a high pull (there are different considerations than a normal jump) and play with your canopy. You will get the canopy time equivalent to several fun jumps where you burn up all the altitude in free fall, and then have a canopy flight that has to be focused on primarily landing.

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