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Jul 8, 2012, 12:16 PM

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Re: [jimmytavino] Am I going to bounce?

So many questions, so little answers :)

what is the exit altitude????
It varies. I have only done 6 jumps so far. One guy jumps first. He lands and they comment on winds and whatnot. They decide then. Lowest was 1.200 meters, highest was 1500.

and at what altitude is the KAP 3 set for???
Im not sure. I thought I understood it was time based. You jump and if you havent pulled by an x mark. Its pulls 4 you. The timer has a stop pin attached to your static line. When u jump, it starts the count. I might have missunderstood. I will make sure I ask them next Friday and ill post it here with some pics of the set up :)

what aad is used on the reserve??? and what altitude is THAT set for...

Its an Mpaad. Made by mars, the same people who make the m2. Its pretty common in here. It is made to fit the mars container. They are czech. A whole bunch of people jump their gear in here. I dont know how common it is on the States. They have the basic student setup for the mpaad. I think it opens at +- 300 meters, I am not sure though, ill have that info next week too :)

any idea of what the frequency for a "two-out" might be

I have no idea. Chienf instructor commented once that in over thirty years of teaching he has only had one issue. The one guy who on jump one hold his handles instead of his sleeves. When the main open, I guess inercy pulled for him. Champ choped a good main and had a few extra seconds of fun :) Landed just fine though.

The thing is today, when I went to the club, I told him my worries and he said, Its ok. We will invent the Rodriguez system.
After I passed my dummy pulls today, I will go into the first three levels of aff next saturday ( Really epic price too :) )When I finish that, we will talk. Option 1, go back to the Drouge system having had some free fall time and feeling a whole more confident. Option 2, finish aff :)

Edited to correct some epic misspelling. I am sure there is a whole lot more in there. I am really sorry :)

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