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Hand around long enough, acquire enough skills along the way, and opportunities arise.
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"Hang around long enough" being the issue? Smile

I don't know of many 200-jump skydivers doing tandem ground camera at a busy commercial dropzone in their first year, although I guess it may happen once in a while. FYI, I am commenting on the US market, the NZ market and the European market. It's virtually impossible to even get a packing slot at any of the busy DZs unless you know the right people, never mind being on the payroll.

Additionally, these students have a relatively vast, in-depth knowledge of DZ ops that makes it easy for them to fast-track once they have their foot in the door. They can edit freefall video to a saleable standard, the understand aircraft economics, meterology, DZ marketing, they are experienced manifestors, they can pack whatever you throw at them, they can hot fuel an aircraft, facilitate DZ trauma first aid..pretty much whatever the DZ needs to get done, they can do it. You don't get that just hanging around a DZ, even if you are in with the in-crowd.

I have certainly never come across a situation where a jumper with 200 jumps (or sometimes fewer) would be employed and remunerated (highly) for commercial tandem videography. Again, I include NZ, the US and the rest of the world in that comment. According to Jumper156 that's exactly what a lot of his friends have managed to achieve. They'll be doing +/-500 paid video jumps per season in their first year. Jumper156 will probably be in the same position pretty soon.

I think that's pretty special, to be quite honest.

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