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Jul 2, 2012, 10:12 PM

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Re: [BigDreams32] After AFF ???

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what i was wondering, the jumps after AFF..all those jumps leading up to A license, am i or do i have to be supervised?

They are always on the plane to check your gear and go over the dive plan. Sometimes you jump by yourself, sometimes with coaches. You cannot jump with other licensed jumpers if they are not coaches.

Your Hop N' Pop at 5500' is a solo too.

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and are the jumps usually cheaper? as in i only have to pay for gear rental and jump tickets? or does every jump need an instructor/supervisor with me?

They got moderately cheaper at my place. It goes down until you get you're license. Most places want you to rent your gear there til you get your A. Many would suggest longer.

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