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Jun 21, 2012, 12:48 PM

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Re: [stayhigh] Building/Owning Wind Tunnels

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1. they don't use up that much power to create black outs.

2. Some people have wind tunnel in their back yard. and No they don't have to have someone in the control room to control power. So yes you can fly naked all you want and have sex in various positions.

Phew! A lack of blackouts is fine news for my tunnel owner. If my character has a bunch of windy tunnel sex, I'll be sure she (and her multiple studs) are wearing a sturdy helmet and not a simple hair net. ... I've been hesitant to create a wall-to-wall tunnel in my character's back yard because my research so far has only revealed residential owners who own the open air type tunnel.

Thanks for your help!

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