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Jun 12, 2012, 10:26 AM

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Re: [bluskidave] Ed Miller, USMC, Farewell Friend

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Hard to believe Ed was such a warrior in Viet Nam after reading his Silver Star Citation. It was a honor to have known and jumped with you Ed. Gonna miss your smile!Guess you and Dan Potts are planning a nice RW jump RIP my friend.

It makes me wonder if those kind of war experiences play a big role in making men into something far different as they age in life. Ed survived a hellish few minutes of combat, including killing the enemy in hand-to-hand fighting, but went on to become the kind, gentle, quiet man that we all knew as skydivers. Dan Potts had similar experiences in Vietnam as a Navy SEAL, but as a skydiver was a humble, peaceful, quiet guy. "Hutch" was a POW in Vietnam, but escaped, and went on also to lead a quiet, humble life. I think those kinds of horrible experiences can do a lot to shape a man into the fine examples which we all respect and admire. We should strive to get to that same place on our own, preferably without having that hellish experience to force us to examine the best way to live. Ed, Dan and Hutch are all stellar examples of that kind of life.

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