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Jun 3, 2012, 8:49 PM

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Re: [Namowal] Unstable Exits

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I'm flopping all over the place

I think the answer is more simple than some.

Stop flopping. That is what an experienced jumper does, they trust the right body position to work, and it does.

You are the one in control of whether you flop or not. The reason you flop is likely because you perceive not being stable and trying to correct. Just stop trying to correct and ride it out for a while. It is fun. You've already probably heard how to exit, just do it and ride it out, without letting yourself flop. If you do actually go on your back/unstable/whatever, there will be plenty of time to fix it later, just don't flop for several seconds. Ride the hill, it is fun. Have more confidence than is justified, that also helps.

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