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Jun 3, 2012, 1:18 PM

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Re: [jtfreefly] what type of turn if you are to low to swoop

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What turn do you do if you realize you screwed up and did not get your pattern right, and need to do a turn that conserves altitude so that you can still get turned around into the wind?

It depends.

Somewhat low you have a lot of latitude to adjust turn rate and space used.

With less altitude fly a normal non-swooping pattern and land normally.

Very low it means flat and perhaps flaring.

The simplest and using the least altitude + distance is pulling both toggles down to 3/4 brakes to kill your descent rate + forward drive; lifting the outside one part way to get a nice balance between flat and a quick pivot; and being prepared to PLF if you're not proficient at flaring from braked approaches and don't have enough altitude left to get back to full flight for a regular flare.

This works on every canopy I own - Samurai 105 elliptical, Stiletto 120 elliptical, Monarch 135 square, 244 Dagger F111 seven cell, 245 Fox F111 seven cell.

With more skill and altitude you can turn with a toggle adding opposite toggle to keep the canopy at trim speed as you turn (add some harness to get a higher turn rate). When you run out of altitude you can flare harder and faster than you normally would in the turn and maintain it until you get to your desired heading or are getting short of lift at which point you get the canopy back over your head and finish flaring + landing in whatever cross-wind direction you were headed.

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