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Jun 2, 2012, 6:11 AM

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Re: [suuz83] DZ's near Vancouver

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Thanks! Ill check that out when I get to YVR :) will definitely rent a car to get myself around.

and what about the windtunnel over there? understood they are building a new one, when will it be running?

As far as a wind tunnel, less than 2 hours south in Seattle there is a 14' recirc tunnel that is very nice. Also for jumping Snohomish is just over an hour south. Many weekends in the summer they are running 2 caravans compared to 1 normally flying. If you want to drive a bit more Skydive Kapowsin is usually running an Otter or a Grand Caravan as well.

In my experience, the costs are noticeable less to jump at Snohomish or Kapowsin compared to the Canada DZ options. Throwing ot out there as more options for you to consider. Different places different vibes, all fun opportunities to play in the air.

Scott C.

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