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May 31, 2012, 1:11 PM

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Re: [Ron] Launching Bows

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OC... Should be 9 o'clock. He should work on trying to be at 10 o'clock and making damn sure he is square with the wind. He should also blast off the plane enough to make a hole for IC's fat ass to get through.

IC should be 3 o'clock and work to get out, get presented.


for our teams, this was huge -

OC at 9:00 (but trying for 10 or 11)

IC at 3:00 (but trying for 4 or 5) - the hockey stop move is a bit ahead of the count - As OC I make room for IC's hips on exit by getting forward in the door a LOT - point doesn't have to have shoulders out the door really - YMMV

then point and tail just had to place themselves correctly - absolutely point out last, and anchoring a little bias towards the IC

takes all 4, but no rotation at all just feels great (along with that instant key)

But really, there's no substitute for letting us view a few exits.

edit: when I'm helping new teams, E, H, D type exits - I find that a lot of the rotation comes from one of two things (or a combo of both) - the OC isn't launching out and forward enough the allow the IC to get out of the plane early enough. Or, the IC is just leaving face first, instead getting the hips moving. (see how important I think the IC is on these kinds of launches? an IC's center of body awareness, IMHO, really needs to be just south of his belly button, not his head)

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